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a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

At Thrive Learning Center we teach our students what it means to live and work in a joyful community. Today’s world has many divisions that can make it challenging to muddle through the noise and find the community that exists.

When we talk about community, we value demonstrating care for others. This takes many different forms including:

  • Building relationships based on trust and safety

  • Being clear about who we are and what we offer

  • Celebrating achievements

  • Holding space for emotions of all kind

  • Accepting our differences and learning from each other

  • Sharing books and stories that help us discuss new topics

  • Wearing a mask to protect others

  • Acknowledging conflicts and working together on a mutual solution

  • Creating a space safe enough to fail and learn from the mistake

  • Learning together in multi-age groups; sometimes students are the expert and sometimes they’re the learner

  • Being curious when we disagree and continuing to lean in and listen

There are times that we all fail at demonstrating these traits. The power of community is the trust that has been built to circle back to hard conversations and start again.

We are incredibly grateful for the community of families who have joined together to make Thrive Learning Center what it is today! We are excited to continue to grow this community and create a space that makes learning accessible and fun for all students.

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